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Akhmetova Aliya Bakhytzhanovna, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Topicality of the research is defined by its scientific-theoretical and practical importance. In the scientific-theoretical plan the subject is topical in respect of studying of the foreign experience in development of the institution of the prosecutor's office, especially in countries which have entered the Commonwealth of the Independent States. At the practical level the topicality of the subject is defined by the need to improve the legislation concerning the increase of a role of the prosecutor's office in law-enforcement and law and order. Besides, the institution of the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Kazakhstan is insufficiently investigated in the Russian jurisprudence.
Materials and methods. Realization of the research tasks was reached on the basis of the study and analysis of the Constitution and the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the prosecutor's office during the period after 1991 and till the present date. In the course of the problem study by the author the following methods of scientific research were used: historical and legal, comparative and legal, legallistic, logical, analysis and synthesis.
Results. During the problem study by the author three stages in development of the constitutional and legal bases of the prosecutor's office in the Republic of Kazakhstan were revealed: 1991–1995; 1995–2002; after 2002. In the article the characteristic of each stag is given, their features are revealed, tendencies of development of the legislation on the prosecutor's office are tracked.
Conclusions. In the course of the research it is established that the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Kazakhstan owing to changes in the legislation appeared to be the most adapted for the established form of the state in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It incorporated positive sides of organization and activity of the prosecutor's offices in other states, first of all in those countries which were a part of the Commonwealth of the Independent States. The peculiarity of the prosecutor's office in the Republic of Kazakhstan was that it became an important element of all checks and balances between government branches, an effective tool in hands of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in implementation of his functions as the guarantor of the Republican Constitution, the human and citizen rights and freedoms. All changes in the legislation on the prosecutor's office, its development that took place at three stages, went in the direction of growth of its role in law-enforcement and law and order over the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Key words

prosecutor's office, legality, law and order, prosecutor's office functions, principles of organization of prosecutor's office. 

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